Helen Gray

Prairie Bride

Bryn Farrell, the youngest sister of Darcy in Bandit Bride, grew up during Dodge City’s heyday as a cattle town. Rudderless since her fiancé’s death, she crashes into Ty Shelton, an old nemesis from school, as he is racing to the last of the big fires of 1885 with a bucket of water. She is drenched with freezing water, but her spirit is not quenched, and she returns to help fight the fire.

Practical and reserved, Ty is a wheat farmer who takes care of his widowed mother and younger brother. When he rescues Bryn from the first blizzard of the big “die-up” of 1886 and must take her home with him, he is trapped in more ways than just the storm. He does not need the disruption of flighty Bryn Farrell in his life. But forced proximity during the storm forces him to have just that–and new feelings for her begin to change, as does his perspective of her.

Can Bryn fall in love with a farmer and live a life of housework and washing dishes? Can Ty love the lively prairie girl who has intrigued him for years, but is his opposite?