Helen Gray

Kelsey's Keeper

Kelsey Monroe has avoided the mistake of marriage once, and that’s enough.

She has her friends and beauty salon in her small home town of Skyview, Missouri, and involvement with the nearby Lake Ozark ministry teams. She’s content. When an attractive man who introduces himself only as Nick comes to her aid after she locks her keys in her van, she is attracted, but never expects to see him again. Then an unexpected windfall sends her on a search for her biological brother.

Wealthy businessman Nick Lafferty has never found a woman who holds his interest beyond a date or two, but he is considering looking up the Kelsey who needs a keeper and owns a beauty salon somewhere in the lake area when she appears at his business office, ostensibly seeking a job. When he learns her true motive, he is angry and protective of his brother—yet more attracted to the blonde hair stylist every day.

Can these two independent businesspersons find a way to merge their dreams and lives?